Common myths about fish and milk: time to correct them!

We have always heard that it is forbidden to drink milk after eating fish, whether in the same meal or on the same day; Because it can cause poisoning or annoying digestive problems. In this article, we wanted to show you whether this mixture actually poses a danger to our health or is it just a misconception!

Is it safe to drink milk with fish?

Scientifically, there is no proven health harm from consuming milk or milk products (such as yogurt) after eating fish. This widespread belief was rooted in inherited customs and traditions, and claimed that combining milk and fish may cause poisoning or allergies, but it is not based on strong evidence, and science tells us that there is no reason to worry about eating them together. On the contrary, we find many international cuisines incorporating fish, yogurt or milk into their famous recipes.

However, some may report digestive discomfort when drinking milk after fish, and this may often be caused by other problems, such as lactose intolerance from milk, fish contamination, or an allergy to either milk or fish.

Potential benefits of eating milk with fish
Combining fish and milk provides many health benefits, including:

Complete proteins: Both fish and milk provide healthy proteins, but in complementary ways. The amino acids contained in one complement the other, which contributes to obtaining a sufficient and balanced amount of protein, and eliminates the idea that there are negative interactions between the nutrients in this mixture.
Rich range of nutrients: Both milk and fish are an important source of essential nutrients. When eaten together, they contribute to forming a complete diet rich in benefits.
Supporting heart and mind health: Some nutrition experts emphasize the benefits of incorporating milk and fish into the diet to fight heart disease, diabetes, and even some mental health problems. In fact, many Mediterranean diets , which combine dairy products, fish, nuts and grains, are considered some of the healthiest in the world.

Article summary

There is no scientific explanation for any health harm caused by drinking milk after eating fish, or causing poisoning or allergies. Both of them are considered an important source of nutrients necessary for a healthy diet, and they can be eaten together as part of a complete meal. However, allergies or contamination of milk or fish must be taken into account.

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