Many of us know a friend who makes money by selling his products online, or a neighbor who benefits from his blog on which he publishes articles that help people with management and other things. It is likely that you have previously dealt with a doctor who provides his consulting services online, or your brother or son has taken a language course. Or an online skill, and perhaps you need a service in design, programming, or shipping. So, what is online business?

What is online business?

Profiting from the Internet has now become one of the primary sources of individual income, and you must understand this world, so that you can keep up with this era and be able to enjoy a more comfortable life.

Everyone is now moving towards learning online business, believing that it is a magical thing that will make them rich with the click of a button, which makes them vulnerable to scam programs that may give them a few cents or get nothing from it.

But if you start it the right way and treat it like a business, if you give it your time and money, it will definitely give you double what you give and will bring you a lot of profits.

So what are the areas of online business that can be started?


We will review several areas that can be started and that have brought millions to their owners

– Electronic commerce

Selling products and other things online is very similar to selling in real stores, where you build an online store with the help of a specialist in building electronic stores in which you display your products and publish them online. When a customer enters your store, the customer reviews the products, then chooses what suits him and makes the purchase. After the purchase process is completed, you send the product via shipping companies, and this has now become easier with the presence of platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify, which makes this process more professional, and you can now provide electronic payment methods if you want the option of paying in advance, such as paying by Visa card, PayPal, etc.

Well the idea is good but where do I get the products from?

It’s simple. Products can be brought from wholesale stores, or you can order them directly from China through famous electronic selling sites such as (Alibaba) and other sites and sell them simply at your own price.


1- You do not need a place to build your store, as you can work online only.

2- There are many delivery and shipping companies that take the product from you, send it to the customer, and receive money from him. This makes the most difficult part of the process easier for you.

3- You can market any number of products you want and target any number of people through advertisements on social media sites. You do not need to be professional in advertising, but it is preferable to have a general idea about them (since purchase rates are high, you do not need a lot of experience to improve performance on Reverse dropshipping)


1- The need to buy products in large quantities (to get a better price), but do not worry. You can start with one product and a small quantity and increase it gradually.

2- Since the payment method used is payment upon receipt, you may find people who order and do not receive the product, but do not worry, their number is relatively small.

3- This method is limited to buying products and selling them locally in the country in which they are located only

2- Drop shipping

Of course, it is a type of electronic commerce, but the difference between them is that you do not need to buy products and sell them yourself, nor even send them to the customer who purchased them. Rather, all you need is an online store in which you display certain products and an electronic payment method, and when the customer buys from you, you go to the original website of the product. You buy the product from him and enter the customer’s address, and the merchants send it to the customer directly without your intervention. Your profit from this process is the difference between the price that the customer paid to you and the price that you paid to the original store.


1- You do not need to buy the products or store them with you.

2- The possibility of developing your business quickly and marketing it in many countries.

3- The possibility of trying a wide number of products and markets.

4- Providing modern technologies specific to this type of trade, which allows the possibility of copying products and placing them in your store automatically to make the process automatic without your intervention.


1- Great competition and the need for marketing, which requires paying large sums of money for advertising in the beginning (but do not worry, when you start selling your products, you will be compensated and you will earn a lot).

2- The necessity of professionalizing advertising, especially on social media sites.

3- The length of the shipping period to the customer, which may reach two weeks in some countries.

3- Affiliate Marketing (commission marketing)

This type of online business is specific to digital products (if you want to be an affiliate for tangible products, I advise you to do drop shopping, where the profit rate is higher).

Affiliate is the process of marketing products that are not yours or yours, and you have nothing to do with their work or support. All you have to do is make the customer buy the product through you.

You can send customers directly to the product purchase page by mentioning it on your blog or YouTube channel. The problem in the beginning is that the conversion rates will not be as high as desired, and if you want to increase them, you will definitely need a sales platform.

Of course, you can search in search engines for the many existing platforms that provide many products to market and sell, and these products include various courses, services, programs, and many others.


1- You do not need any product of your own, nor even continuous customer support.

2- You do not need a payment gateway or payment method to receive money from customers.

3- It provides special tools in each product to help you market better, such as emails, videos, etc.


1- Competition is great on the Internet, which requires spending large amounts of money on advertising to achieve better profits.

2- It is preferable to allocate a domain and an entire website for each product or niche (type) to increase customer confidence.

3- Relying on free traffic only will not get you satisfactory results, and you must make paid ads.

4- You must try more than one display method and advertising method, compare the results between them, and choose the best one to obtain a high conversion rate.

4- Profit from AdSense (blog or YouTube)

This method is based on building your own blog or YouTube channel and publishing specific content that you find yourself a professional in. All you have to do is market it and bring visitors to the blog or viewers to the YouTube channel and display ads on it, which enables you to make profits as a result of visitors watching it.

It does not require paid advertisements, but visitors can be brought in for free via search engines only with the professionalism of what is called (SEO) or via social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others.

The better your content is customized, the more visitors you will get and the more chances you will get higher profits.


1- You do not need to invest money and you can just write the articles yourself or buy them if you want through a microservices platform.

2- The possibility of obtaining high traffic for free from search engines.


It takes a long time to get high profits due to its reliance mainly on free traffic

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