The story of the emperor’s new clothes

There was an emperor who loved nothing more than wearing fancy new clothes. He changed his clothes three times a day and each time he wore a new outfit. While the rest of the kings spent their days talking to advisors and fixing the country’s problems. This king was too busy sending his servants to find the next great outfit for him to wear.

One day, three strangers came to town and said that they were weavers and that the cloth they wove was the best anyone had ever seen. But in reality, they were not weavers, they were fraudsters.

These fake weavers said that their fabric is more beautiful than any other fabric, but no one can see it. Only the most intelligent and excellent people could see the magic cloth and the people who were not the most intelligent and excellent would not see anything at all.

Soon news reached the emperor about these weavers and their luxurious clothes. The Emperor spoke to himself, saying, “I am the most intelligent and most distinguished Emperor! Anyone can tell how gorgeous I always look! You don’t have to worry about this ridiculous charm.”

So the emperor went to see the weavers. These clever scammers ran around their store, pointing out empty corners and tables. They said proudly: “Look at these piles of soft fabric!” You’ve certainly never seen such bright colors and such beautiful patterns!” The Emperor couldn’t understand – he hadn’t seen any cloth anywhere!

The Emperor thought: “I can’t tell anyone that I can’t see this magic cloth! Who knows what they might think of me!” He said instead: “Indeed! This is the most beautiful canvas I have ever seen!

The Emperor’s Grand Annual Parade was approaching, a special day for the Emperor when all the inhabitants of the kingdom would line up to admire and applaud the Emperor as he walked. This year the Emperor wanted to dress more splendidly than ever before.

The king asked the weavers to weave him the best royal costume ever. However there was little time. Can they weave the fabric in time for the show?

The fake weavers frowned, as if they were unsure. Then they smiled and said yes, they could make him the best royal costume and cape ever. But it will cost a lot of extra gold coins to have the work ready in time.

The Emperor paid them everything they asked for. The scammers took the gold but did not buy the yarn. All they bought were some candles to burn in the windows at night. This way everyone will say: “Look! These new weavers are working all night to get the Emperor’s new clothes ready in time for the show.

On the morning of the performance, the Emperor came to the weavers’ shop. He was sure that this time he would be able to see the magic cloth. But the emperor saw nothing! When it was time for the Emperor to undress, the clever tricksters said: “These clothes are so light and airy, you will feel as if you were wearing nothing at all.” Indeed, this is how it seemed to the Emperor! Because when he looked in the mirror he saw in the mirror that he was wearing nothing. But he really thought he was wearing a very cool magical costume but he couldn’t see it.

At the parade, the Emperor walked tall and proud. Everyone who saw him passing said to himself: “I cannot believe what I see! The Emperor has no clothes!”

But they knew that only smart and excellent people could see magic clothes.

Suddenly, a little boy shouted: “Look! The Emperor has no clothes!” Everyone gasped. Then another child shouted: “Look at him! He’s not wearing anything at all!”

Then someone laughed. And someone else. Then more and more people started laughing. Someone said loudly: “Are you looking at that? Our emperor has no clothes!” Soon everyone was shouting and laughing.

The Emperor looked around to see the weavers and ordered them to put an end to this, but he found that they had disappeared! Here the king learned that he had been deceived by these weavers and his pride was shattered as he stood before the people of the kingdom without clothes.

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