A short story for children

short story The Thirsty Crow

One day, there was a crow flying high in the sky, and it flew long distances, and beneath it were large green forests, and it traveled distances, soaring and soaring; He looks at the picturesque forests below him. After a long journey in the sky and the intense heat of the sun, the crow felt extremely thirsty. He looked into the forests looking for water to quench his intense thirst. He landed among the trees, looking and looking until he saw something shining from afar. He flew and approached it, and finally it was a bowl full of water! He tried to drink from it, but his short beak could not reach the water; He started thinking about the solution and looking around him and thinking that he felt very thirsty and would not be able to fly and search for other water until he saw small rooms on the ground, so he moved the stones with his beak, stone by stone, and put them in the bowl until the water rose to the top of the bowl and he could now drink easily, so he drank and drank until… He quenched his thirst.

We learn from this story that with determination and perseverance, we can get what we want and achieve success.

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