A collection of children’s bedtime stories and wonderful tales for children

Children love to listen to short stories before bed, and some of them love to read children’s stories, and in both cases it is very wonderful. With every short story the child knows, he learns something good that will benefit him in his future life, and also builds his memories on it.

Therefore, through the Atmweilai website, we offer you children’s bedtime stories written and arranged, and at the end of each story you will find the lesson learned from it, so that you can be sure that the child has learned something useful, so follow the next lines with us to read a wonderful collection of children’s bedtime stories.

Children’s bedtime stories (the story of the man and the donkey)

There was once a poor little donkey who was always pulling the wheels, and he only took a little rest, and he did not eat much food to be able to work hard, and he was always wandering everywhere, and anyone could rent him from his owner and ride on him a cart with Four wooden wheels, and one day the donkey was bought by a man wearing a large hat and a long cloak, so much so that his leg was not visible, and he had bought the donkey along with the wheeled cart, and this person was cruel and arrogant and rarely remembered to feed and comfort the donkey, so the donkey suffered greatly in All matters.

Lessons learned from this story, my friends, we learned that sometimes bad things happen to us to wake us up and make us better people in life.

Children’s bedtime stories (The story of the fox and the eagle)

An eagle was a friend of a fox, and soon they both became very close to each other. They became so close that they decided to build two houses next to each other. As a result, the eagle built its nest near the bush where the fox lived. They were very happy together.

Time passed and both friends had children, and one day the fox left his cubs in the bush, and said to them, “I will be back soon, my children, because I must look for some food.” After saying that, the fox went out, and while the fox went away to look for prey, the children became hungry. The eagle, the eagle thought sadly, but he couldn’t find any food to feed them.

After a short time had passed, the eagle discovered that one of the fox cubs was playing around him, and the young eagles at that time were screaming from extreme hunger. The eagle thought that he should feed one of the cubs to his children, and the eagle quickly decided and swooped down to capture one of the cubs, and the eagle actually fed his young eagles. From a fox cub.

When the fox father returned, he saw the eagle feeding his cub to his children, and said to him angrily: “What have you done?” He was asking the eagle while crying all the time. The poor fox was sad and in pain. He shouted at the eagle, saying: “I betrayed a dear, close friend,” he said as he took his cubs and leaves so as not to see the eagle again.

Even after being cheated by a friend, the fox never wished any harm on the traitorous eagle, because he was a good friend and God had other plans.

One day when the eagles were hungry, the father eagle went out hunting again, and this time he went to the neighboring village, where he thought that he would certainly find easy prey there, and indeed he soon found a large piece of a dead goat, so he headed towards it and picked it up from the ground and took it to his children. Little eagles.

But as soon as he put food in the nest to feed the eagles, the nest caught fire, and the poor little eagles were severely injured, and one of the eagles also died.

The rest of the poor eagles were heartbroken and in pain, and the fox happened to pass by that day and saw the eagle’s nest burning. He said to the eagle: “God has punished you for betraying a dear friend,” and the father fox went away with a heart heavy with sorrows.

He did not want his friend to suffer the same pain of losing his child, but this was divine justice, God punished those who deserved to be punished nonetheless.

Children’s bedtime stories (the story of the mouse and the cat)

One day a cat and a mouse lived together in the same house, and at that time they had a very great friendship, as they shared all the household chores and everything was equally between them.

Once winter approached, they decided one day to store some food for themselves. The next day, they went to the market and bought a small amount of food, but they couldn’t find a place to store it. After thinking for a while, the cat suggested that they hide it behind one of the nearby houses. They both agreed and went to hide it. Their food was kept away from the other cats and mice, but the cat was thinking about something else and quickly devised a plan to steal the entire food bowl.

One day, the cat went to the mouse and said to him: “My cousin has a little daughter, and he invited me to his house to see that little cat.” The mouse trusted the cat, which crept directly to the place of food, and took the food at the top of the bowl. This was the first The cat was stolen, and in the evening the cat returned home happy. When the mouse curiously asked her about the child’s name, the cat replied and said his name was “Jerry.” The mouse was surprised at that time by the name.

After a few days, the cat again began to crave the food that had been stored, and whenever she thought of the little pot of food she would lick her lips. The cat said, “This time I will tell the mouse that another friend asked me to go visit him and see his newborn baby.” The cute mouse agreed. The cat hurried to the place of food, and ate half of the food, and when she returned, the mouse was very excited to know the name of the second child. This time, the cat told him that the child’s name was “Half Gold,” and the mouse was once again amazed at the name.

When winter came and there was nothing left in the house to eat, the mouse remembered the stored food and said to the cat, “Come, my cat friend, let’s get the bowl of food that we had stored away.” So they went to the place and found the small bowl of food empty. Finally, the mouse understood the cat’s trick, and at that moment the evil cat jumped on the The poor mouse, she caught him and swallowed him.

We learn from this story, my friends, that when partnering with others, one must be careful, and not blindly trust anyone.

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